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Welcome to the website for "Introduction to the Art of Programming Using Scala" by Mark Lewis, published by Taylor and Francis. This book is intended to cover standard topics for CS1 and CS2 using the Scala language. Part 1 of the book focuses on basic problem solving and programming in the small using the REPL and scripting environments. Part 2 expands out to object-oriented design, abstraction, and basic data structures.

Table of Contents
Why Scala for CS1 and CS2?
Quick Overview of Scala

About the Cover Image

The cover image is a ray traced image created with a ray tracer that the author wrote in Scala as one of his initial Scala projects. Click the image for a full sized version. This uses a few features that go beyond the projects in the first half of the book, but all the features used are within the scope of an engaged student by the time the book has been completed.