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Introduction to the Art of Programming Using Scala - 1st Edition

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Welcome to the website for "Introduction to the Art of Programming Using Scala" by Mark Lewis, published by Taylor and Francis. This book is intended to cover standard topics for CS1 and CS2 using the Scala language. Part 1 of the book focuses on basic problem solving and programming in the small using the REPL and scripting environments. Part 2 expands out to object-oriented design, abstraction, and basic data structures.

Part I Introductory Concepts (Video Playlist)

1 Basics of Computers, Computing, and Programming
2 Getting to Know the Tools (Video Playlist)
3 Scala Basics (Video Playlist)
4 Conditionals (Video Playlist)
5 Functions (Video Playlist)
6 Recursion for Iteration (Video Playlist)
7 Arrays and Lists in Scala (Video Playlist)
8 Loops (Video Playlist)
9 Text Files (Video Playlist)
10 Case Classes (Video Playlist)
11 GUIs (Video Playlist)
12 Graphics (Video Playlist)
13 Sorting and Searching (Video Playlist)
14 XML (Video Playlist)
15 Recursion (Video Playlist)

Part II Object-Orientation, Abstraction, and Data Structures (Video Playlist)

16 Object-Orientation (Video Playlist)
17 Bigger Programs/New Tools (Video Playlist)
18 A Project (Drawing Program) (Video Playlist)
19 Abstraction and Polymorphism (Video Playlist)
20 Other Collection Types (Video Playlist)
21 Multithreading and Concurrency (Video Playlist)
22 Stream I/O (Video Playlist)
23 Networking (Video Playlist)
24 Stacks and Queues (Video Playlist)
25 Linked Lists (Video Playlist)
26 Priority Queues (Video Playlist)
27 Refactoring (Video Playlist)
28 Recursion (Video Playlist)
29 Trees (Video Playlist)
30 Regular Expressions and Context-Free Parsers (Video Playlist)
31 Spatial Trees (Video Playlist)
32 Binary Heaps (Video Playlist)
33 Direct Access Binary Files (Video Playlist)
34 Actors (Video Playlist)
35 Augmenting Trees (Video Playlist)
36 Wrapping Up

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