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Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving Using Scala - 2nd Edition


This is the website for "Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving Using Scala" (Amazon). This book is intended to be used in a first semester programing course. It covers the basic concepts of programming using the Scala language.

1 Basics of Computers, Computing, and Programming
2 Scala Basics (Video Playlist)
3 Conditionals (Video Playlist)
4 Functions (Video Playlist)
5 Recursion for Iteration (Video Playlist)
6 Arrays and Lists in Scala (Video Playlist)
7 Type Basics and Argument Passing (Video Playlist)
8 Loops (Video Playlist)
9 Text Files (Video Playlist)
10 Case Classes (Video Playlist)
11 GUIs (Video Playlist)
12 Graphics (Video Playlist)
13 Sorting and Searching (Video Playlist)
14 XML (Video Playlist)
15 Recursion (Video Playlist)
16 Object-Orientation (Video Playlist)

A Getting to Know the Tools (Video Playlist)