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Object-Orientation, Abstract, and Data Structures Using Scala - 2nd Edition

This is the page for "Object-orientation, Abstraction, and Data Structures Using Scala" (Amazon). This book is intended to be a textbook for 2nd and 3rd semester college CS students. As the title implies, it covers the basics of object-orientation using Scala, with an emphasis on abstraction and general coverage of basic data structures.

Full Book Video Playlist

Table of Contents

1 Scala Language Basics (Video Playlist)
2 Basics of Object Orientation and Software Development (Video Playlist)
3 Details of Object-Orientation in Scala (Video Playlist)
4 Abstraction and Polymorphism (Video Playlist)
5 GUIs and Graphics (Video Playlist)
6 Other Collection Types (Video Playlist)
7 Stacks and Queues (Video Playlist)
8 Multithreading and Concurrency (Video Playlist)
9 Low-Level Multithreading and Java Libraries (Video Playlist)
10 Stream I/O and XML (Video Playlist)
11 Networking (Video Playlist)
12 Linked Lists (Video Playlist)
13 Priority Queues (Video Playlist)
14 Refactoring
15 Recursion
16 Trees
17 Regular Expressions and Context-Free Parsers
18 Binary Heaps
19 Direct Access Binary Files
20 Spatial Trees
21 Augmenting Trees
22 Hash Tables

PDF of Appendices
A Scala Tools
B Recursion Refresher
C Quick Preview of Java (Video Playlist)
D Advanced Scala